Unlock financial freedom.

The Wealth Salons equip historically underinvested communities with the financial literacy resources they need to thrive. Through free workshops, educational materials, and a focus on economic equity, we empower you to build and preserve wealth for lasting financial success.

Building Wealth with Heart, Health, Habits, and Hope.

The Wealth Salons isn't just about financial literacy. We envision a future where everyone, regardless of background, has the tools to build a fulfilling and secure financial future. Our unique approach focuses on the four H's of wealth:

  • Heart:  We believe financial success should be driven by your passions and purpose.
  • Health:  Financial well-being is intertwined with physical and mental well-being.
  • Habits:  Building positive financial habits is key to long-term success.
  • Hope:  We empower individuals and communities to achieve their financial dreams.

Our Team

B. Pagels-Minor
Co-Founder, Acting Executive Director
La Keisha Landrum-Pierre
LaShawn McGhee
Operations & Creative
Ashley Lund
Brand & Marketing

Join us in building a more equitable future.

Ways to donate

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